As an entrepreneur, copywriter or freelancer, you tend to get stuck or procrastinate on writing. It's f***ing frustrating and why:

I’ve packaged up my personal, revolutionary methods to write & edit incredibly fast & effectively

...even if you are a perfectionist, get distracted or spend hours scrolling social media for “research”

I am paid $3,499.00 a day to write, so I HAD to hack ways to get "in the zone" on demand.

You’re going to learn the exact Chrome extensions I use, my precise Google Doc methods, anti-research prompts and deep, psychological + scientific reasons you’ve been stuck.

Ready to have your mind blown and write faster, more genuinely than ever before?

THIS PROGRAM WILL CLOSE DECEMBER 2021 AND NOT BE AVAILABLE FOR ENROLLMENT AFTER! All caps, not to shout, simply to make it extra juicy Thailand-beach-water clear. ;) 
I know you. You either:
  • Can’t get “in the zone” and end up distracted (social media, email, snacks)
  • ​Have writing tasks on the To Do list but keep procrastinating
  • ​Type out a ton of words but then feel “meh” about them
  • ​Are interrupted by family / Gmail / creeping on other entrepreneur’s websites
I get it.

You WANT to write. It’s not that you haven’t tried.

Even with the formulas, scripts, templates, researching, you somehow still feel STUCK.

   To “get the juices flowing”, you’ve paused to

Go for a 




Maybe you’ve smoked MJ or pet your favorite stuffed animal. The point is: 

You’ve researched tons and followed online advice to try getting unstuck.

  • This is all the more frustrating because the effort is there. You really want to f***ing write and say what you feel called to say, in a “damn that’s good”, clever way. 
  • Even if you’re a writer who feels like a failure for having writer’s block...
  • Even if you’re a copywriter who wants to offer day rates but fears you’ll turn up on the final Zoom call with crappy headlines...
  • Even if you’re a business owner who gets frustrated and vents, “How do I say this?!”....

There are simple, straightforward reasons you aren’t writing the words MEANT to burst forth from within you.

There is NOTHING wrong with you. 

It’s not that you’re “uncreative” or not a “true writer”.

The fact you’re reading this page PROVES you care and have a message that needs to get out to 100s, 1000s, millions of humans.  

If you’re willing to say YES…

If you’re open to the idea that your words matter and it’s possible to write insane numbers of Google Doc pages on repeat…

I’ve packaged up my exact methods and tools in a brand new program unlike anything that’s strutted this damn planet.

(And no, this system doesn’t require waking up at 4 am, doing sunrise yoga & running 5 miles.)

Want to know my exact practices that’ll break brain fog and unleash incredible words onto your keyboard?

With simple tools, shortcuts & "holy s***!" prompts, 

I’ll reveal the real reasons entrepreneurs and copywriters get stuck and how to burn that crap down.

I know you want every word on the page to be “perfect”. 

This is why people type out a few lines or paragraphs, then immediately go back up and start editing.

This is why people “start” writing by looking at the websites of other coaches / teachers / consultants in their industries as “research”.

Every time you feel stuck or don’t like what you wrote..

I get it. 

It took me years of trial, testing and re-testing to develop these methods that took me from 20 cents a word to $3500 a day.

When I had 12 - 14 clients at a time, I had a bonkers amount of deadlines and had to learn to write not only fast but effectively, clever and on-brand. 

When my day rates reached $2K, then $3,500, I HAD to be sure I could deliver copy that blew their minds → Within 6 hours.

When I began creating my own copywriting products and courses, I had to shift the mindset to treating myself as a client. It was easy to procrastinate with so many other clients but I had to create practices and rewire my brain to write in MY voice for selling at a larger scale volume.

Every weird ass prompt, Chrome extension shortcut and editing technique I’ll teach you is what I myself use

  • I understand how frustrating it is to sit at the desk, sip your coffee and after an hour, feel you have nothing to show for your time.  
  • ​That is why I couldn’t stand by anymore and not share this information. 
  • ​Because I can give out scripts and formulas… 
  • ​I can share my best email subject lines and sales page templates…
  • ​I have done all those things and honestly, the root problem of writer’s block is STILL there because there is a piece missing. That’s about to change. 
Introducing, with a bang

 Banish Writer's Block

My personal practices for beating writer’s block as an entrepreneur or copywriter (both in quick fix brain fog moments and the long-term)
I am beyond so sure, clear and energized about this program because honestly? 

This is what I wish I’d had 3 years ago.

I’d have skipped the finale of Downton Abbey and not attended a Beyonce concert JUST to get this  information. I am that f***ing serious.

I’ve packaged up the PRECISE shortcuts that get me “in the zone” writing, exercises for maximum creativity and tools that will change your daily writing practices, immensely.

My brain is business jizzing so hard for every entrepreneur, business owner copywriter and freelancer who gets their hands on this information. 

The 3 part practice to Banish Writer’s Block


We will root into the real reasons you are stuck. We tap into your high school memories, current hormones, biological clocks and so much more.

These are clogs going on at a subconscious, psychological level that almost no one realizes is affecting their writing.
Not. For. Long.


Without the chain, your words will be able to run freely out of your brain and have pages and pages of brand new words, ideas, concepts that have you impressed with yourself. 

This is getting into the zone.

This is suddenly having ideas for headlines, one-liners, names that you are PROUD to share and post. 


Once you have released the mental obstacles and learned the shortcuts, prompts and constraints that have you writing like the wind…

I’ll walk you through how to edit and tweak decisively.

I’ll show how to rip out what you don’t need, cut the clutter and what to focus on so you get the most powerful version of your writing and are able to hit Delete without overthinking.
I am delivering this all to you in the most robust yet concise format, so you can get this knowledge the exact same way you want your writing to be → FAST.

This isn’t a ton of 
modules to stick on your To Do list.

You’ve done plenty of trainings. Read tons of articles. Researched beyond words can say. 

I am giving only what you need.

You don’t need more research and “see you in the next video!” training.

It’s time to get this s** * handed to you, so you can finally write the things, put out the words for you or your clients faster and stop feeling this guilt around writing. 

This is some bonkers, revolutionary stuff that came to me in journaling, meditation, through experience and inspiration from these NYC streets.

Here’s what you get, writer

You get full lifetime access to the following:

The half-day writer’s workshop to change how you write forever

Holy s*** this 2 hours-ish training that also includes answers to my MOST asked questions is going to rock worlds (and keyboards). It totals about 3 hours. 

I walk you through the most nuanced, step-by-step writing details that I bundled together intuitively over the course of many years PLUS tap into all the reasons writing “in the zone” can feel so hard, for reasons you likely have no idea are affecting you. I share:
  • The exact Chrome extensions and down-and-dirty writing techniques I use to speed up writing ASAP
  • Step-by-step editing methods I hacked to transform my word vomit into powerful words clients pay $3,499/day for
  • Deep psychological, childhood & hormonal (yes HORMONAL) triggers I see with clients and yet NO ONE talks about that are slowing down your writing every day *This hormone breakdown is relevant for any gender*
  • My go-to exercises & prompts to burn down brain fog & get inspired, even at 2 pm when even coffee’s not cuttin’ it
  • ​And more, so so so much more
In the coaching recording you get, I answer questions super specifically (none of this “it really depends” BS)

You also get these 

The Unblocked Writers Private Facebook Group

I AM OFFERING ONE FINAL LIVE FOR 2021! DECEMBER 9TH @ 10 AM PST! It will be in the Facebook group, the last hoorah before this group closes with a confetti bang. :) 

The Unblocked Workbook

This powerhouse manual draws from the training, so you can access the material easily day-to-day. This is a workbook I am now literally already using myself. It has prompts, constraints, so many practices to get you out of quick fixes when you’re stuck.


Two Stunning Audios to crank up creativity ASAP

I couldn’t be more excited for you to plug in your Airpods and listen to these tracks.


This go-to track is like the pump up motivation speaker at a conference. It’s an audio track crafted specifically for writing.

Because you don’t always need a silent quiet meditation. You need to feel STOKED.

I guide you a powerful audio rewiring, set to the most DOPE beat-dropping music.

Listen while you make your coffee.

The Refuel Guided Visual Meditation

This is a nature-inspired visualization to refuel your creativity for writing. The entire meditation came to me in a long-journaling session.

Combining my years as a yoga teacher with background as a commercial producer and years working with 100s of women entrepreneurs, it combines into this deep healing audio experience to shift how you see yourself and reset for writing afresh.

Want to STOP being chained to the damn desk, to clients you *if you’re honest* dread and to low rates?!

Here’s how we’ll make it happen, wordsmith.
You can keep typing away, figuring how the hell to get clients that aren’t paying you $20 an hour, stressing you out with endless edits and industries you don’t even enjoy. 

You’ll be granted instant access 
to this magic effective, proven methodology

  • The revolutionary Banish Writer’s Block masterclass (3 hours of jam-packed information and knowledge)
  • ​The Unblock Workbook (your writing’s new best friend)
  • Your audio tracks: The5 min pump up jam AND guided visualization
  • ​​The BONUS live Q&A - Dec 9th @ 10 am PST / 1 pm EST *recording after available ;) 

Copywriters & brand experts have paid me 5-figures for coaching. 

Clients have put down $3,500 for 1 day, waiting to book in, to hire this brain that churns out these words so quickly. 

I want to give you access at an unbelievable price because honestly?

The world needs your voice. I don’t mean that in a corny way, I seriously believe it with every crevice of my being.

I spent most of my life subconsciously suppressing voice and duct taping my own words. I never want anyone else to feel like that. 

I want you to go and write for your brand, speak in your true voice, bring your message to the world or write for your clients because you love them so much. 

This is the opportunity to unmute, step forward and unleash these words the world needs from you. 

*Only tip: Don’t be shady, take screenshots and then ask for a refund. That’s some rough karma for selling your own services, products or courses. Ya know? Ya know.*
Need help ordering or have questions? 

Skeptical? I get it. Here’s the truth.

I can go on and on about how powerful all these steps are. 

They took me YEARS as an English degree having 5 classes at a time, several with a book a week and a paper every few weeks, where I had to learn to write insanely fast…

All my time in the production world where I was in marketing, client relations, running budgets, putting together creative pitch decks, running for props, producing commercials (yes I had to write creatively for the blog, email marketing and more, so creativity had to come QUICK)...

Years as an entrepreneur copywriter cranking out words for dozens and dozens of clients, with agencies - including working in-person at agencies where I’d get interrupted all the time and had to find my zone anyhow.

I have tried and tested a bonkers amount of things and holy s*** I can share exactly what has worked.

These Chrome extensions, line-by-line writing methods and scrappy editing techniques are so game-changing.

Want to see if I am preaching truth?

Have a question?

 I am a decent writer - Will this do much for me?

Yes, this program is powerful whether you’re an experienced writer or an entrepreneur who needs to write your own stuff but gets lost in what to say.

I am living proof. Even though I have a degree in English Literature, worked in commercial production with big agencies, went freelance in 2014 and launched day rates 2 years ago...This is still information I wish I had much sooner. I have always been a writer but these techniques are specific to writing as a personal brand and cultivated from my years in seeing what jumpstarts creativity - it’s not about having a degree or what grade you received in English class.

Does this involve more research? I already do SO much research and still end up feeling stuck or waiting for inspiration to strike.

No, this is BETTER and more effective. Honestly. This program is not more of what you know, like “researching your client avatar” or creeping the “competition”. We are going within YOUR mind, which is WAY MORE POWERFUL than you’ll likely suspect. I am going to walk through hyper-specific tactics that show you how to get “in the zone” writing faster, FREE technology and Chrome extensions that are game-changing for writing faster, ways to edit without overthinking and techniques that dig into the deep, subconscious writer’s blocks that no one talks about.  

Do I get 1:1 with you, Allison?

 I am able to give this program at such an amazing price because it is pre-recorded, so many online entrepreneurs and writers can access it. But I can’t help getting to know you more! ;) So...

In the private Facebook Group, I will do a final Q&A Dec 9 @ 10 am PST so you can ask direct questions! 

Remember, this program gives you access to the top techniques I use for clients in my day rates, which are $3,500.00 a day. The teaching is done in a virtual Masterclass that is 2 hours pre-recorded. In the 2 audio mixes, you get to hit PLAY and have my voice in your earbuds at any time you need. 

I don’t want to be handed a ton of formulas and scripts - will this program still work for me?

Yes! It’s designed for the entrepreneur or copywriter who doesn’t need more formulas. They already have the training, templates or vision in their head. You don’t need a long course. Sitting down to write, actually get in the zone, editing and hitting publish are the issues.

Our focus is igniting that “in the zone” writing mode and unlocking “clever” words you’re proud of out faster so you can have less time at the computer and more time in your business, with family or hey, doing yoga with goats.  

Does the program work for aspiring freelance writers or new entrepreneurs, too?

Absolutely. If you are wanting to start a business, this is perfect timing! Instead of trying to muscle your way through words for the first months or years, you’re going to shortcut so much crap which I wish I’d known sooner! 

I’ve tried a lot - is this program actually going to work?

I stand by this program and every nuance in it because these are the exact methods I have used and transformed my ability to write fast and powerfully. Maybe you use all the methods, or you pick and choose which tactics work for you. Great.

If you dive into all of it and really knew it all or find none of it helpful or want to poke it like it’s a voodoo doll, we offer a 14 day money-back guarantee. Within 2 weeks of purchase, simply email admin@allisonevelyn.

How soon after I purchase will I receive the program?

When you hit purchase, my entire team jumps up and down with glittering balloons and cries like we just watched our favorite musicals. Then, we send you an email with how to get started. You’ll get another email with the log in details to your personal portal with the masterclass, workbook and 2 audio mixes. We’ll also let you know how to join the Facebook group in the welcome email.

How do I get into the private Facebook group, The Unblocked Writers?

After you hit purchase, we’ll send you a new member welcome email. You’ll see the link to join the Private Facebook Group. Go to that link and (from your Facebook profile account), answer a few quick questions. One of our team members will let you in shortly after.

The world needs your words. 
Are you willing to let your writing be unlocked and unleashed? 

You’ll get the tools and practices to unblock your writing with what is in the program: 
  • The revolutionary Banish Writer’s Block masterclass (3 hours of jam-packed information and knowledge)
  • The Unblock Workbook (your writing’s new best friend)
  • ​Your audio tracks: The5 min pump up jam AND guided visualization
  • ​The FINAL LIVE Q&A to ask me direct questions - Dec 9! 
*Only tip: Don’t be shady, take screenshots and then ask for a refund. That’s some rough karma for selling your own services, products or courses. Ya know? Ya know.*
Need help ordering or have questions? 
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